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OneStepCheckout simplifies the checkout process of your Magento store.

Checking out is often the most complicated part of placing an order online, and many users end up abandoning their order. Some customers will be motivated enough to purchase regardless of how difficult it is - but others will be lost due to check-out complexity. OneStepCheckout greatly simplifies this process, leading to an immediate increase in sales.


The checkout process is extremely critical for your business, don't compromise!

Feedback from customers

If you are considering a one page checkout to your Magento store, OneStepCheckout is a proven, well renowned and safe choice. Over 12000 merchants have selected it already!

OneStepCheckout is a rock-solid, well documented, thoroughly tested extension and we provide support if you run into problems. More than 12000 Magento merchants are already using our module, so it’s safe to say it’s a high quality and proven product. We work exclusively with checkout and conversion, to always bring you the best possible checkout product.

Another quality assurance is the volume and growth of our partner program. We now have over 100 Magento consultancy companies worldwide, as resellers/partners. They offer OneStepCheckout to their existing and new Magento clients. OneStepCheckout is definitely the experts choice.


Just one step

Reduces the original Magento checkout process from six steps to one!

OSC dramatically simplifies the checkout process for your customers. All unnecessary questions are removed and all the steps are combined into one. The user simply fills in their address and chooses delivery/payment methods on the same page, rather than having to do a separate step for each.

Increase sales

Our customers say that OneStepCheckout increased their sales even up to 60%.

Reducing shopping cart abandonment will have a significant and immediate impact on your sales. It is probably the single most effective technical change you can do to increase sales!

It's easy for you

OneStepCheckout is easy to integrate and fully compatible with your Magento store.

If you purchase our installation service (free with our Enterprise edition), we will do all the installation and configuration for you to make it work in your store.




Store owner



Simplifying features

To maximize profits, you should do everything you can to make sure your customers complete the purchase.

- Reduce checkout steps from six to one
- Just a single step to complete checkout
- Simplify the checkout process
- Provide a better customer experience
- Avoid confusing customer with registration

- Configurable in your Magento admin panel
- Set a default shipping and payment method
- Auto update totals (AJAX)
- Disable unnecessary fields like Company, Fax, etc
- Enable newsletter subscription
- Enable requiring approval of terms
- Multiple options for registration


Try it now!

Click below and try a live demonstration of the Magento OneStepCheckout.

The original checkout process shipped with the Magento ecommerce platform has some unnecessary steps - which we address with our OneStepCheckout.

We combine all the six magento steps into a single step, to simplify the process as much as possible. We also remove all unnecessary questions that are asked of the customer. In addition, we give you the option to decide which fields to exclude in your checkout.

The OSC demo - Click for bigger size.

Check out OneStepCheckout on some of our clients shops

Checkout features
Checkout on a single page
Easy installation - just upload files and you are done!
Disable unwanted fields like fax, company, telephone, region, city, zip and more.
Choose the order the address fields appear
Display additional products for customer in checkout, like "Rush fee" and "Gift wrap"
"How did you hear about us" to obtain referrer information
Set a default shipping and payment method
Have customers double-check their order with a "Review your order" popup
Auto-update available shipping rates when user chooses country, zip code or region
Set default values for Country, Zip, State, City and Region
Redirect customer to checkout immediately after adding product to cart
Multiple registration scenarios for all possible needs (read details in our blog)
Possibility to hide shipping method option if only one available
Compatible with Magento Professional
Compatible with Magento Enterprise
Auto-detect users country and city with GeoIP technology
Use on multiple domains
Support, updates and new features      
Free installation
Free support*
Free updates** 6 months 6 months forever
Priority on requests for new features
Price € 245 € 345 € 590
* Standard customers get support on bugs and related errors
** Upgrade of the product purchased